5 Must-Know Tricks On Inviting Prospects

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    Do you know what tool to use when trying to book a sit-down with a prospect? 

    It’s not always a simple process. It’s rarely easy. 

    Learn how to pivot with prospects between either inviting them to an event, a personal face-to-face meetup, or simply using a tool. 

    In-person interactions are the most effective. 

    A face-to-face meeting is more personal because of the commitment involved. It’s a powerful way to build trust and commitment.

    If you can get somebody to get on an airplane, fly, check into a hotel, and attend an event, that’s probably the best, right? It’s looking promising if someone takes all the steps to attend.

    The second best would have to be inviting them to attending a local event in a group setting, like in a house or over lunch. 

    Any in-person meetups are best, but also require higher skills and excellent persuasive techniques. You will face common objections related to time and logistics. “Gosh, I’d love to attend, but I just don’t have the time… I don’t know how I’m going to squeeze it in, especially traveling across the country,” will be heard often. 

    So, though it’s highly effective, inviting them to a face-to-face meeting is more difficult to book and complete. Let’s work on how to do this.

    You’ll want to book a face-to-face meeting very soon. Let the prospect know,  “It’s important I get together with you. How quickly can we do it?” Make that appointment happen.

    If you are met with resistance and you’re having some trouble persuading them, then fall back on a tool. 

    “I understand that getting together for breakfast might not work this week, but you’re going to have lunch sometime this week and you don’t want to eat alone. Do you mind if I join for lunch one of the days or how about happy hour?” 

    It can be as simple as a quick face-to-face in the gym. “Can we meet at the gym in the lounge area for about 10 minutes before your workout?” Explain that a phone call is more difficult to show them and not as effective at illustrating what you want to share. 

    Make it easy and go to them. 

    If they mention that they feel like you are just trying to recruit them, then immediately bail to a super indirect approach and say, “Honestly, I don’t think you’re a prospect at all. I just need your wisdom, I need your feedback. This is my project, and I want to expand in this market, so I need fresh eyes on this.”

    If it’s a friend or family member, then you can say, “I need somebody to practice on. Can I come to your house and practice on you? Or, come by my house for a quick 10-minute presentation.”

    If you are still met with resistance, here’s the tool you use next. 

    “I have a video just a few minutes long. If I send it to you, can you find 7 minutes to watch it?” If they’ve already said no to a sit-down, it’s going to be very hard for them to again say not watching a few-minute-long video. Then, ask them if you can call them after to hear their thoughts. “What’s the best number and time for me to text or call? The video link is on the way. Thanks.”

    After all of this, whether it’s inviting them to an event, a face-to-face, or a tool, you’ll need to schedule your next exposure.

    It can be another event, another face-to-face, or tool, whatever it is, think of it as stepping stones. It’s different for everybody, so don’t give up, keep on trying these methods out until you find what works for you. 

    You can start with a tool to gain their interest a bit, then book a face-to-face. Or maybe you can try a face-to-face followed by another face-to-face. Or start with a tool, then then to an event, and end with another tool. You need to pivot back and forth. Ultimately, you want to get to a face-to-face, so if you start with face-to-face, then try to get more face time to keep the conversation going.

    Have your tools ready! Have your videos prepped and ready, some printouts or the product itself is a great way to get a prospect engaged. Best of luck to you. Start pivoting!

    Let’s get started on this by first creating a list of what’s-what. What are the in-person things I can invite prospects to?  What are the tools that I can invite people to?


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