Best Way to Overcome Objections: Step 4

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    Overcoming Objections can be one of the most challenging things some Network Marketing Professionals face. So I came up with an easy-to-follow 4-step process to overcome any objection a prospect might throw at you. I’ve now covered the first three steps – Listen, Relate and Story so it’s time for the last step…

    STEP #4 – IF I, WOULD YOU?

    This is the ultimate question in Network Marketing. After you have gone through the first three steps – first you really listened to your prospect and understood what their objection is, then you related to them, explaining that you had a similar objection. Next, you told your story, or someone else’s, telling them how you felt and how you overcame the objection in your own mind and made your decision. 

    Now last, but not least, you’re going to ask your “If I, Would You” question. For instance…

    If they say, “I don’t have the money.” you can ask, “If I could show you that money really wasn’t an issue, would you be willing to take the next step?”

    “I don’t have the time.”  

    “If I could show you how to make this worth your time, would you be willing to move forward?”

    “I’m not a salesperson.”  

    “If I could show you how to build a business without feeling like a salesperson, would you be willing to learn more about this?”

    Just like the previous steps, your question will change depending on the objection. 

    When it comes to all four steps, practice makes perfect. The learning happens in the doing. When you start practicing, you will begin to better understand each step and how to guide the prospect through a process while building rapport. Then you will start to build confidence. 

    Remember, when you are skilled and confident and you move through this process with authenticity and compassion, the objection is a gift, a bridge, not an obstacle.

    Now it’s time to start working the steps! I know you’ll do GREAT!!


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