Success Habits

    Time Management Part 2

    Many of us may think of ourselves as procrastinators, but the issue could actually be that we have a primary activity and Network Marketing is our secondary activity so it gets pushed to the side. This makes us feel like we’re procrastinating, but it can be resolved by improving our time..

    Time Managment

    Everyone has things that are important to them. These things usually include health, love, family and friends, faith, purpose, freedom and last - but definitely not least - time. Time is a gift and a responsibility. It is precious and valuable, yet it is the thing we usually abuse and waste the most.

    How to Reprogram Yourself...

    Would it surprise you to find out that you have been programmed [link to blog post Part 1] to NOT succeed in Network Marketing? Starting around age 2 you were programmed by your family, friends, teachers, coworkers, boss… to fit their model.

    Bad Programming

    For many Network Marketing Professionals, there is a gap between what they’re capable of and what they’re actually doing. Not being able to close that gap causes a lot of frustration. To understand where this gap comes from, let’s use computers as an example.