10 Life-changing Habits of Unstoppable Network Marketing Superstars: 1-2

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    Habits are important when trying to build a successful network marketing business. They can either make you or break you.

    When I started out in Network Marketing, I quickly became very frustrated with my lack of results. One day while attending an event, I decided I was done playing small. I knew I had to find out what the big earners were doing and replicate it, learn the habits of the network marketing superstars.

    Once I stepped into that mindset, within just a few years things really began to change and my organization started to grow. The year I turned 29 I earned almost one million dollars.

    In addition, throughout my career I have interviewed countless million-dollar-a-year earners. During this process, and through my own success, I started to pick up on all of the habits that all successful Network Marketing Professionals share. 

    Now, I want to share these 10 Habits of Network Marketing Superstars with you! If you adopt these habits, they can help lead to a breakthrough, and you’ll be able to stop crawling, and start running.

    1. Vision

    One of the most powerful forces on earth is our imagination. Big earners have a habit of seeing things before they occur. It’s like having an overactive imagination in the positive sense. They can see what their organization is going to be like. They can feel what it will be like to walk across the stage at the top rank. When the vision is clear in their mind, it starts to direct their behavior and they reprogram their mind to work towards that vision.

    Network Marketing superstars have a bigger and bolder vision than anyone around them. Too many people have a negative vision and imagine all of the obstacles they may face, like rejection, failure and embarrassment. Superstars imagine greatness. 

    1. Belief

    The top earners in Network Marketing believe bigger than anyone else. Their belief is unshakable. If I could go back and talk to myself in my early 20s, I would give myself this advice – believe bigger faster. Because once you believe, good things start to happen because you attract them. There is basically a 3-step process to developing belief.

    First, faith – you have to believe that the process will pay off. When you start to see some results, faith turns into hope. And finally when you are really making strides, that hope turns into belief. Belief in Network Marketing, the product, your team, yourself, etc. 
    You can start working on adopting these habits immediately, and I’ll cover the next 3 Habits of Network Marketing Superstars in my next article.



    1. This have really inspired me but I need more training personally and also I want to work with you to made this a reality in my country which I believe, if we work together in my country, we will go places with the population of about 200 million in my country.
      Thanks looking forward for your reply.
      Bert regards.

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