10 Life-Changing Habits of Unstoppable Network Marketing Superstars: 6-8

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    In the last article I gave you Habits 3, 4, and 5 of the 10 Habits of Network Marketing Superstars –  Positivity and Hard Work. Great habits are what separate the leaders and top earners from the average person. And as I go through each one, you’ll start to notice that they all start to tie together. Here are the next 3… 

    6. Focus

    Networking Marketing Superstars are focused. It’s what helps them to keep their eyes on the prize. Focus creates consistency and persistence and prevents distraction. While less successful people get distracted by all kinds of other things, like other companies or products, superstars do ONE thing, they work with one company. They do it extremely well and they are absolutely focused on building the empire that they can see in front of them. They don’t allow anything to interfere with their progress.. 

    7. Unreasonable 

    Wildly successful Network Marketing Professionals have a rigid set of beliefs. Nobody can convince them that Network Marketing isn’t the best option for entrepreneurs. In fact, they are unreasonable about every single one of their habits that I have mentioned so far. They are unshakeable in their Vision, Belief, Simplicity, Positivity, Hard Work, Focus and the rest of the habits I will share. Reasonable people conform to the world around them, unreasonable people ask the world to conform to their point of view. All progress in the world is dependent on unreasonable people. 

    8. Promotion

    Top earners are expert promoters. They promote the company event, that new product and their daily method of operation. In fact, they even promote some of the 10 Habits, including their Vision, Belief and the value of Hard Work. They don’t wait for their upline to inspire their team or for the company to make an announcement. They are constantly pushing and promoting with white hot belief.

    Next time I’ll complete this series by discussing the last 2 Habits of Network Marketing Superstars.


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