4 Important Steps on How to Close Your Prospects

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    So many Network Marketing Professionals don’t know what to do at the end of a presentation. They meet their prospect for coffee or send them a video, or ask them to attend a presentation, and then, they just don’t know what to do. It’s an awkward moment, and if it’s not handled correctly, you’ll never be able to reach your goals.

    So what should you do after you introduce a prospect to your opportunity?

    It’s simple. Ask questions. You should be in a consultant mindset. If you just try to sell, sell, sell, you’ll turn people off.

    Here are the 4 questions you should use at the end of an exposure or presentation in order to close the prospect…  

    1. Based upon what you just saw, if you joined this business on a part-time basis, how much would you have to earn per month to make it worth your time?

    It doesn’t matter what their answer is, just let them tell you what they want out of this opportunity. Let’s say they say $2000 a month. Next question…

    1. About how many hours per week would you be willing to dedicate to this business in order to earn that $2000 per month?

    Let’s say they say 8 hours a week. Next question…

    1. About how many months would you be willing to work those 8 hours a week in order to earn a $2000 monthly passive residual income?

    Maybe they say 6 months. Last question…

    1. If I can show you how to make $2000 a month working 8 hours a week, is there anything else you need to know in order to get started?

    By asking these questions, you allow your prospect to create their own reality that they can get excited about, and most will be ready to join your organization.

    Just a note, if their answers are unrealistic, for instance, they say they want to make $10,000 dollars a month and are willing to work 2 hours a week, as a consultant, it’s your job to manage their expectations. Explain that by changing one of those numbers, the amount of money or the number of hours, they can set a more realistic goal. Being honest will give you more credibility

    These questions are easy to remember and can be used over and over. And if you do use them, you’ll start getting some great results!


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