5 Keys to Tapping Into Network Marketing Success

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    If you want to be successful in the Network Marketing Profession, you can’t just phone it in, or you’ll simply never get there. There are specific qualities and habits that lend themselves to growing an organization. Developing the following 5 characteristics in yourself, and your team, will put you on the road to success and help you tap into your greatness.


    You have to get so excited about what you do that people will come from miles around just to see you so excited and you must be able to awaken that excitement in others. I am an introvert. Being around big crowds and hanging out at parties are not things l am comfortable with, but I have passion for what I do, and most importantly, I am able to transmit that passion to others. Some people jump up and down when they are really excited and that’s great! But it’s not the way I show my passion. Everyone is different, so find the best way to transmit your passion and you will have a successful organization.


    You’re not going to be successful in the Network Marketing Profession if you’re passionate one day and invisible the next, or if you’re passionate for one week and then you disappear for the next three weeks, or if you’re passionate for two months and then you disappear for six months. When you aren’t consistent you lose all credibility.

    People will notice if you are excited today but not tomorrow and they simply won’t stick with you. All great leaders are consistent. That’s the price of leadership. You don’t get to have a bad day. Making a decision to be consistent will change your business whether you are at a top rank or you’re just starting out.


    In order to develop a successful organization, distractions must be invisible to you. Your team has to know where things are going and that they are included today, tomorrow, and the day after that. Systems – in other words what everyone your organization does every day – are the key to focus. If you don’t have a solid system, you’ll end up having one idea one week, and a different idea next week, and a different idea the week after that. You get the idea.

    Your team will also lose focus when you’re all over the place. Figure out what works best and then put those systems into place in your entire organization to keep the focus on the right things.


    This is hard. You want to be successful right now. You want to reach the top rank as quickly as possible. For most people, it’s just not going to happen that way. Deal with it! Here’s the reality – you’ve got to be patient and allow your organization to grow as your skills grow. Focus on those skills, and remember the One, Three, Five Rule.

    It’s going to take you one year of consistent part-time focused effort for you to become functional and profitable inside of Network Marketing. It’s going to take you three years in order to develop enough skills to go full time if you want to. And it’s going to take you five years to become world class, where you can make as much as you want. Have patience, set appropriate expectations and realize, it’s going to take time.


    You have to work your butt off. Period. If you want the lifestyle you aspire to, you have to work harder than anybody you know. There is no free money in this world and nobody’s gonna do it for you. Just know that the hustle will be worth it, because in the Network Marketing Profession, you get paid over and over and over and over. My first 90 days I worked harder than anybody I know.

    I worked 14 to 16 hours a day, six days a week for the first 90 days. People ask successful people how much they made in their first 90 days, but it’s impossible to answer because they’re still earning it. In this profession you continue to earn and earn and earn for years and years and years and decades and decades and decades. Show me another business like it.

    In traditional business you get paid nothing for what you did last year or the year before. In Network Marketing, the hustle has a lasting payoff.

    Work on developing these 5 characteristics and you’ll be well on your way to massive success in the Network Marketing Profession. It’s time to tap into your greatness!


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