5 Steps to Unlimited Prospects in Network Marketing

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    One of the biggest issues facing Network Marketing Professionals is finding people to talk to. You might be wondering how you can connect with more people that you can share your opportunity with.

    Many people who are starting out in the profession believe that the only people they have to talk to are people they already know, but that’s just not true. Believe it or not, there’s actually an unlimited number of people out there for you to connect with. Finding new prospects is a skill that you can learn and get better at. 

    That’s why I came up with 5 Steps to Unlimited Prospects – so you’ll never run out of people to talk to! 

    Step 1 – Create an Active Candidate List

    This is a list of literally every single person you have ever known. Family members, people you work with or have worked with, people you went to school with, neighbors, etc. 

    Step 2 – Constantly Expand Your List

    The list is called “active” because you will continually add to it. Every day you should add at least two people to your Active Candidate List –  you might meet people online, run into someone when you’re walking the dog, someone might give you great service in a restaurant – you don’t have to prospect them the moment you meet them. Just be authentic, build a connection and start a relationship.

    Step 3 – Raise Your Awareness

    Every single day there are opportunities to connect with new people and we don’t even realize it. In order to break out of your small circle of family and friends you have to expand your mind and look for these opportunities. Train yourself to be on the lookout. Again, you don’t have to talk to these people about your business right away, just initiate a relationship. 

    Step 4 – Don’t Prejudge

    It’s so easy to automatically rule people out. You might think someone doesn’t have enough money to join, or that they are already successful and won’t be interested, or that they are too busy, but you never know who might be looking for an opportunity. Our job is to present our opportunity, not prejudge people. 

    Step 5 – Network On Purpose

    Expand your horizons! Get out of your house! Join some new groups, volunteer, get connected with your local community. This will give you even more opportunities to meet new people who you can eventually present your business to. 
    As you can see, there are many things you can do to constantly find new people to talk to, so get started today!


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