6 Important Questions To Finally Get that “Yes”

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    If you’re looking for a way to get more ‘yes’ answers after your presentations, I’m going to give you a simple series of questions for you to ask at the end of any presentation you do. Whether it’s a PBR, a Zoom call, after you show a video, sample your product, a three-way call, or even if you sit down with somebody for coffee. When you’re done with your presentation, ask these questions.

    Question Number One:

    What did you like best based on what I just showed you?

    This is one of the most powerful questions you can ever ask your Prospect. I’ve tried them all, every question you can think of, over 30 years. I’ve tried questions like, “What do you think?” but didn’t get good results. The best question I’ve ever come up with, which works in every country around the world, is, “What did you like best?” This forces a person to go into their mind and think of something good.

    Once they’ve given you their answer, move on to question number two.

    Question Number Two:

    On a scale of one to ten, based on what I’ve just shared with you, where are you?

    One being you have zero interest and ten being you’re ready to get started right this second.

    If they say “seven”, they’re joining. People won’t say “ten” because they don’t want to seem too eager. But here’s a tip for you – anything over a “one” is good. If they say “two”, understand it might just take a bit more time to convince them, but they are interested.

    Once they’ve answered, move on to the next question.

    Question Number Three:

    How much money would be worth your time?

    Before you ask this question, know that there’s a special way to position it. I’ve spent many, many years fine-tuning how I ask this question to get it right. Here’s what works every time: 

    Hypothetically, if you got started in this business part-time, how much would you need to earn per month to make this worth your time?” The words “worth your time” are critical. All you care about is that they give you a number. If they’re unsure, just ask them to play along.

    Let them answer, then move on to the next question.

    Question Number Four:

    How many hours a week, realistically, could you commit to developing that [previously stated amount] monthly income?

    You’re likely to get answers like, “five to ten hours a week.” 

    Question Number Five:

    How many months would you be willing to work those [previously stated hours] a week while you’re developing a [previously stated amount] monthly income?

    Let’s say they tell you six months.

    Question Number Six:

    If I could show you how to develop a [previously stated amount] monthly income working [previously stated hours] a week over the course of the next [previously stated months], would you be ready to get started?

    It’s hard for your prospects to say no to that since every single answer they’ve given you at this point was based on what they wanted. All you did was ask the questions. See what happened here?

    The next time you finish a presentation and you’re eager to get a solid ‘yes’, give these questions a try. Remember, it’s not just about presenting – it’s about listening, engaging, and understanding your prospect’s needs. Use these questions as your secret weapon, and watch how the conversation shifts in your favor. Here’s to more ‘yes’ answers and successful presentations!


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