Anything Worthwhile Takes Time, Including Network Marketing

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    You know what they say, nothing good comes easy. I believe this is true, especially when it comes to the Network Marketing Profession. Anything that is worthwhile – like building a successful organization – takes time. 

    In order to build a business, you have to build your skills. It takes time to become an expert. It is widely accepted that when a person starts a traditional business, their expectation is to maybe break even in their first couple of years, and in three, four, five years, get their initial investment back and after that, hopefully make a profit. Everybody accepts it. Nobody questions it. It is what it is 

    However, in the Network Marketing profession, many people expect to make their initial investment back in month two, make a profit in month three, and get rich in month four. When that doesn’t happen they’re all bent out of shape. Why do people assume the same rules of business don’t apply to Network Marketing?

    The truth is that it takes time and that’s okay. We’re not selling magic beans. You can’t just drop a couple beans in the ground, watch the beanstalk grow into the heavens and climb up and grab your gold. It doesn’t work that way. You’ve got to plant your seeds and water and nurture them. 

    In Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outlier, he famously said that it takes 10,000 hours for a person to become an expert at anything. That’s 5 years if you are working 40 hours a week. And honestly I think that’s about accurate for a full-time Network Marketing Professional. Although your income might take a lucky jump now and then or you might be in the right place at the right time when your company’s got lots of momentum, if you want to keep growing you have to keep improving your skills.

    When I started out in Network Marketing my first month’s check was $7,400 and my second month’s check was $12,200, but my third month’s check was $1,986. In other words, I had my little spike and then reality set in. So yes, your income might take a lucky jump. Even if you’re on the run of a lifetime, don’t get lazy in the middle of it because your income will inevitably come back down to the level of expert that you actually are.

    We also have to let prospects know that it’s going to take time. People respond very well if you are honest with them and tell them that it’s going to take hard work. They’re okay with that so long as you’re honest and there’s a plan.

    There will always be those people in your company who say “It’s simple, anybody can do it, all you have to do is talk to a couple people,” but they’ll eventually crash and burn when their team finds out that the products don’t sell themselves and they aren’t going to get rich quick. Then they’ll have to adjust or quit.

    It takes approximately one year to learn the basics, and learning the basics should earn you enough to pay for your product, cover your expenses, and attend events. It takes about three years to get to a six-figure income if you’re committed to consistent learning and consistent effort. It takes about five years to become a multiple six-figure earner, and it takes about seven years to become world class where the sky’s the limit. There’s a lot of work, dedication and skill development required to become successful in the Network Marketing Profession, but well, anything worthwhile takes time.


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