Bad Programming

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    Bad Programming 

    For many Network Marketing Professionals, there is a gap between what they’re capable of and what they’re actually doing. Not being able to close that gap causes a lot of frustration. 

    To understand where this gap comes from, let’s use computers as an example. Computers run everything from our cars to our microwave ovens. They are becoming more intelligent and powerful every day. But the most powerful computer in the world is more powerful than any other. That computer is your brain. It is powerful, spectacular and amazing, but frankly, it works for some people, and it works against others.

    How do computers work? They have been programmed, and just like all other computers, your brain has been programmed.

    There’s a book by T. Harv Eker called Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. He talks about this brain programming in the book and gives a great example… If you sit down at your computer, type a letter, misspell a word and then print the document, whose fault is the misspelled word? It’s nobody’s fault but your own. It’s not the printer’s fault or the computer’s fault. It’s your fault. And no matter how many times you print that page, the error will still be there, until you FIX IT on the document.

    Let’s compare this example to your brain. At some point, something was programmed in your brain that causes results that you don’t want. Until you change that thing, you will continue to have the same results.

    Another great author, Chérie Carter-Scott, wrote a book called, If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules. In the book she says that in life you will have lessons, and if you don’t learn those lessons, they will repeat. And not only will they repeat, they will get more challenging. Even if you don’t quit, you won’t be able to move forward. You will continue to sabotage your results because you haven’t fixed the “document” that is printing out an error.

    Computers, and your brain, are programmed by inputs. In the brain’s case, that is our influences, experiences, people, environment and thinking. Your current level of success is due to these inputs. To move to a higher level of success, you have to improve these inputs. 

    If your programming is wrong, you’re going to sabotage yourself in various ways. You will procrastinate, get stuck and be inconsistent or lazy. You may even just get comfortable and coast. 

    The cycle of not being able to reach your goals because you are sabotaging them with bad programming causes a lot of stress. You feel fearful and full of doubt. That fear and doubt affects how you feel and how you feel affects your level of activity.

    Activity is very important because as my friend Jim Rohn told me, a few simple disciplines practiced every day leads to activity, activity leads to results and results leads to lifestyle.

    The first step is to be aware that your programming is affecting your life and your business. Now you’ve taken that first step!

    The next step is reprogramming yourself so you can produce a higher level of activity!



    1. I am grateful for all the amazing training I have received from GO PRO thru Eric and Marina and look fwd to Virtual GO PRO 2023!

    2. Im moved by the lectures.. have actually acquired a lot and I’ll make sure I apply them in my network marketing business… Thank you sir Eric

    3. Wow! I cannot quantify the amount of valuable lessons, training and coaching l have received from the guru himself,Eric worre books , materials as a beginner l am ready to learn and act,do and fly with them,more thanks sir

    4. I will do everything necessary for me to succeed as network marketing agent ,ready to learn and apply despite the price

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