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    Have you ever seen someone who joins your company and they seem to take off like a rocket? They achieve the ranks and break the records at a mind boggling speed. It’s like no one can touch them.

    When this happens, many times – but not all the time – what you’ll find is they had some previous experience in Network Marketing so they started day one with a different belief than the average person. They had a stronger belief earlier and it contributed to them achieving greater results faster. So let’s take a look at how you can get there too by learning how to develop unshakable belief in your products, company, compensation plan, the profession (Network Marketing), and – most importantly – in yourself.

    Belief in Your Products/Services

    Obviously, building belief in your products or services starts with personal experience. You need to personally use your products or services – as prescribed – for as long as they are connected to your company. With continuous use, you will create an emotional attachment based on the results you experience. All you have to do is decide that you’re going to lead by example and you’re not going to be one of those people who purchase the bare minimum and then don’t use them. Using the products and/or services CONSISTENTLY will help you build belief.

    Stories also play a big part in building belief. Now, this one you have to be careful with. Make sure that you understand the compliance rules within your company when it comes to stories. However, if you or someone in your company gets amazing results, that’s a story that you can use to build belief within your team. THESE STORIES ARE NOT FOR PROSPECTS. THEY ARE PURELY FOR BUILDING BELIEF WITHIN YOURSELF AND YOUR ORGANIZATION. So, make sure you are collecting and telling stories constantly when it comes to your products or services.

    Then, you have product knowledge. Now, you don’t have to be an expert on every product or service that your company provides – but it doesn’t hurt. The more you know about the ingredients, benefits, studies, history, creators, science, etc. around your products and/or services, the more belief you can build.

    You can also use training around your products and/or services. When you train the members of your organization, you build both their belief and yours. Remember, the stronger your understanding is of your products and/or services, the stronger your belief.

    Also, understanding the ‘why’ behind most products and services is extremely important in building unshakable belief – especially if there is a particular ingredient or some other detail of a product or service that you can’t quite get behind. When you understand ‘why’ your company makes certain decisions, it’s much easier for it not to distract you or shake your belief.

    Belief in Your Company

    When it comes to building belief in your company, the first thing to do is your homework. Find out about the founders, the management team, and the company history – including its achievements and the obstacles it’s overcome to get to where it is now.

    And don’t take the company’s word for it. Investigate for yourself. If there are third-party articles and reports … READ THEM. Unfortunately, sometimes you will find people or companies with checkered pasts – it happens. But, most of the time, you’ll find a good solid story around your company and those involved with it. Just remember that people and companies CAN reinvent themselves. They CAN turn a bad history around. Understanding what happened and why can help you build huge belief. Especially when you train your team on the positives that you learn. 

    Then, once you do your homework, the next step is to meet – face-to-face – the people in your company. Make it a point to seek out the founders and management team at your conventions. Or, better yet, take the time to visit the home office and introduce yourself to the receptionist, customer care team, people in the warehouse, and anyone else you come into contact with. Ask questions and get to know people. This will build relationships and belief in the people you are entrusting with the growth and support of the business you are growing. 

    The most important thing about building unshakable belief in your company is understanding that every company is going to have its challenges and issues. Just pick a company that you can believe in and train your team to do the same.

    Belief in Your Compensation Plan

    To build unshakable belief in your compensation plan, you need to first study and understand why the company is doing what it’s doing. Not all compensation plans are perfect. They can change over time. Just have faith that your company has a reason for how your compensation plan is structured and, if it isn’t producing results, that they will make the necessary changes to fix it.

    Then, observe the compensation plan inside of your world. It’s hard to understand the various levels of a compensation plan on paper, so it’s best to observe it in real life when you start getting paid. Most of the belief in your compensation plan happens over time when you experience it in action. The point is, don’t base your belief in the compensation plan on the details. Understand that they are there for your long-term benefit and for the benefit of your organization.Next time I’ll share how to build unshakeable belief in Network Marketing and yourself!



    1. you have explained it in a way that an ordinary person like me understood the meaning of “unstoppable belief” now than ever.. THANK YOU!

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