Cold Calling in Network Marketing

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    Cold calling, in other words, approaching prospects that you don’t know personally about your opportunity, can be a really scary thing to do. But if your hot and warm markets have been exhausted and you need to drum up new business, cold calling is the way to do it. 

    Successful Network Marketing Professionals look at cold calling, aka, finding new prospects, as a skill. It’s important to know that this skill can be developed and that it’s a skill you’ll need to master if you are serious about growing your business. 

    So how do you find people to approach? Start with people you come across in your daily life. You can also keep an eye out online and around town for professionals like realtors or financial advisors, people who are already doing the things that we do in Network Marketing, things like selling, leading, communicating, recruiting and managing. These people already have an entrepreneurial mindset. 

    Once you identify people that you want to approach, begin to build a relationship, and some trust, with those people. You can comment on their posts, like their photos or start a conversation about your similar interests. It’s very important that you always be genuine. You don’t want to be a hunter, you want to be a farmer who is planting seeds, watering and nurturing your relationships.

    After some trust has been built, then you can approach the person about your opportunity. Follow a proven script so you know exactly what you are going to say. It will make you feel more comfortable. My 4 Steps to Closing are simple and straightforward, or there are countless free scripts available online that you can adapt to your needs. Again, always be authentic and genuine.

    Cold calling is just like anything else – the more you do it, the easier it gets. When you have mastered it, it will give you an incredible amount of confidence and control over your business, and your life.


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