The Formula for Improvement in Network Marketing

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    I want to address a really important topic. It’s one of the fundamental things that helped me succeed in my Network Marketing business. Every top leader I know uses this tactic. Whether they call it the same thing as I do or not, they use it to develop their skills. I call it Plan-Do-Review.

    Here’s how Plan-Do-Review works… First you make a plan, then you do the plan, and then you review the plan. It sounds easy enough, but the most important step comes next. You change what didn’t work. And then you do the whole thing all over again.

    Plan-Do-Review facilitates constant improvement. In Network Marketing we need to learn certain skills to become successful, and to master those skills we have to practice them and correct our mistakes. Most people, if they make a plan at all, do their plan and then just continue to do the same plan over and over without reviewing or changing anything, so they never get better.

    Plan-Do-Review can be applied to building an active and growing candidate list, contacting and inviting prospects, presenting, promoting events, or any of the other skills required to be successful in the Network Marketing Profession. If you use Plan-Do-Review your skills will improve as the weeks, months and years go by and you’ll become unstoppable.

    If you’re crossing your fingers and doing the same things over and over and expecting things to change without reviewing, seeing what you could do better and applying it to your business, then you’re doomed to a cycle where you’ll never improve.

    Remember, Network Marketing is all about the skills. It’s not about luck, talent, your educational background or anything else. So here’s my assignment for you… get started using Plan-Do-Review by applying it to just one skill that you need to work on, then slowly start applying to all of the skills you need to become successful.


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    Eric Worre
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