Getting Prospects “Over the Line”

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    One of the most challenging things about the Network Marketing Profession is getting people to join your organization, and then getting them to stay in your organization. 

    There are various reasons people leave your organization – maybe it didn’t meet their expectations, they underestimated the amount of work involved, they weren’t willing to face their fears, they encountered some rejection – every organization experiences this fluctuation and this profession is no different. However, it is the responsibility of the leader to improve retention and reduce the number of people that quit.

    So I came up with a concept to improve the retention in your organization. I call it “Over the Line”.

    In every person’s mind there is a line. On one side of the line, the brain says it’s easier to quit, and on the other side, the brain says it’s easier to stay. Getting people to cross the line from easier to quit to easier to stay is the KEY to getting people to stay in your business.

    The thing about Network Marketing is, since you don’t have to invest very much money to start a business, it makes it easy to quit. 

    So let me share some things that will build your team’s confidence and keep them focused on their dreams, which will make it easier for them to stay…

    • Encourage them to tell the world about their new profession. When people tell everyone, it creates accountability.
    • Form a relationship with the people that join your organization and introduce them to as many other people as possible. This will make them feel supported.
    • Get them excited about the product. If they get results and are excited, they will get other people excited. 
    • This is a huge one – help them to earn money, even just $1, get one customer, or rank advance. This will make them feel encouraged.
    • Get them to an event. Once they experience training and see the path to success, it will give them confidence in themselves and the profession.

    You need to be aware of ”the line” and use these tactics time and time again. This helped me over the course of my career and I know it will help you too.


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    Eric Worre
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