How to Build Your Network Marketing Business Plan

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    Once you’ve set Network Marketing goals and outcomes and come up with some strategies to meet them, you can move on to creating a business plan by using your business goals, strategies and campaigns and following these steps:

    1. Create an event calendar.

    Your event calendar should include the major milestones of your event structure – both events being held by other people and events you’re planning – that will help you hit your goals. 

    1. Create a personal work calendar.

    YOU are the most important asset in your organization. Your personal work calendar should include the hours you’re going to work, what you’re going to do during those hours and what you will focus on in order to achieve your goals.

    1. Choose which strategies you will use to achieve your goals.

    Your tendency is going to be to bite off more than you can chew here, but that won’t get you the results you want. Analyze your team and choose the strategies that will really help you meet your objectives, then add them to the calendar.

    1. Enroll the team. 

    Get your team excited. Share your plan with your inner circle. They can help you strategize, which will also give them some ownership. You can try campaigns with them, then roll it out for everyone, then replicate them if they work and change them if they don’t

    1. Plan, Do, Review. (This is the ultimate tool. It will change your life)

    You’re going to work hard on your business plan and it will look great, but as soon as you add people, it will change. So PLAN for what you’re going to do, DO it, then REVIEW it. Did it work? Use the feedback to improve your plan. Repeat. Remember your business plan is written on paper, not set in stone. Be adaptable. 

    1. Keep yourself accountable.

    Tell everyone about your goals and your business plan. It will force you to do things when you don’t feel like it. Find an accountability partner, someone to push you. You can hold each other accountable. This will create an environment that will cause you to do more. And don’t forget to reward yourself when you achieve your goals. You can also create some penalties for when you don’t. 

    You’ve set your goals and outcomes, come up with strategies, and created a business plan. Now it’s time to take all this information and turn it into results with your Game Plan



    1. I am always inspired with your passionate and willingness to help people to become network professional, I am in South Africa apply every skill I learn from you, soon my Class is growing big, I always believe one day I will see you.

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