How to Create Your Network Marketing Strategy

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    Once you set your Network Marketing goals and outcomes, you’ll need to create strategies to reach them before you create your business plan. Here are some strategies that will help to make your goals a reality.

    1. Events

    If you want to inspire your team, get them to events. Events are where leaders are born. It can be company, regional, local, recruiting or training events. You can also hold your own events for your team around other events. Think of events as tools. They’re the lifeblood of what we do in our business. They’ll help your team rank advance and develop influencers in your organization and their leadership skills. 

    You should constantly promote events and make sure your team sees the value in them. Make events non-negotiable. After an event, people are overwhelmed and tired, so it’s important to schedule a training session to focus everyone on what they learned and what they’re going to do. Then give them an assignment of what to do as soon as they get home so they’ll be productive.

    1. Calendar

    Most people are reactionary and not proactive when it comes to their calendar. It’s your job to manage your calendar and the calendar is your boss. Just as retailers plan ahead for the holiday season, we need to do the same. In Network Marketing there are naturally slow times: January 1 – 15, April 1 – 15, June – August and during the end of the year holidays. You can increase your productivity from 50% to 100% if you can come up with some strategies and campaigns in advance that will keep your team excited and productive during these traditionally slower periods. When everyone else is slowing down, you’ll be accelerating the pace and gaining market share

    Some ideas for campaigns for these periods include: New Year’s Kickoff, Valentine’s Day, Tax Time, Get Ready for Summer, 4th of July, School’s Out, Back to School, Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Christmas. 

    1. Campaigns

    And speaking of campaigns, an influencer’s job is to keep people focused longer than they would have been to create action. That is what a campaign does. People have been programmed their whole life to follow the system – at home, in school, at work – so they’re waiting for assignments from you. They need you to give them assignments and they’ll be relieved when you do because they’ll have clarity. Then, at some point, you can transition them to giving themselves assignments.

    Here is an example of a campaign. Home meetings are very effective so a campaign around holding them is a great way to duplicate. Maybe have everyone agree to attend or host 5 home meetings in 5 days. You could do a similar campaign for Zoom meetings, luncheons or anything else you want your team to concentrate on.

    Now that you have set goals and outcomes and you have some strategies established, you can move on to creating a business plan



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