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    Gaining Support From Your Spouse or Significant Other For Your Network Marketing Business

    By Eric Worre

    It’s so important to have your family’s support for your Network Marketing business. When everyone is working together and feels heard and supported, both the family and the business will run smoother.

    I’ve trained countless Network Marketing professionals over the years and I’d like to share some of the most common situations that people ask me for my advice on when it comes to gaining support from their significant other

    Situation #1: Your spouse has worked in Network Marketing so they understand it, but they don’t want to build a business with you. They’re generally supportive, but if you spend a lot of time away from the family, then that concerns them.

    Solution: If your spouse understands and supports your Network Marketing business, but doesn’t want to be involved, that’s great. Don’t put pressure on them because that will create resentment. If you being gone a lot is a concern, give them and the rest of your family as much warning as you can. Prepare them mentally and emotionally and they will be more likely to support you.

    Situation #2: My spouse is resentful that I have gotten involved in Network Marketing again after having spent tons of money and failing multiple times before. I even promised that I would never get involved in Network Marketing again. 

    Solution: I can’t tell you how common this is, especially because I believe that once you get a taste of Network Marketing – even if you quit – you WILL come back to it again. In this situation, it’s incredibly important to negotiate with your spouse IN ADVANCE when you find a new opportunity.  If you’ve already skipped this step, the first thing you need to do is apologize. Then listen to and address their concerns. Next, have a conversation with them, tell your story and explain why you wanted to get involved in Network Marketing again. If you want them to support you, you’re going to have to make something happen this time and produce some results.

    Situation #3: I joined Network Marketing with my spouse after years of owning my own business. My spouse has built the business to the point where we are both able to work from home. My challenge is that I’m new to all this and I’m not starting from the beginning. I’m struggling with sharing my story and feeling like I can add value.

    Solution: This is also very common. Owning your own business was a big part of your identity. What’s your identity now? When Marina and I got together, we also had to figure out where she fit in. Working together and communicating, over time we found out what she is good at and her place in the company and the family. Find your place step by step, slowly identifying your strengths. Your story is needed. There are people that won’t relate to your spouse’s story but they’ll relate to yours.  

    A great way to start the process is to attend our upcoming Power Couples Retreat.  Over the course of 2 days you’ll learn how to meet your relationship, business and life goals and how to be able to fully support each other on a much higher level. 

    Situation #4: My significant other and I are in the same company, but we are crossline. How can we cooperate as efficiently as possible?

    Solution: Crossline is the best! Some of my best relationships in Network Marketing were with crosslines. It’s a peer-level relationship. The best way you can support each other is to communicate like crazy. Share ideas, strategies, hopes, dreams, fears and doubts. Just remember, when looking for support from your spouse or significant other, communication and inclusion is key


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