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    Now that you know the different types of exposures and the purpose and fundamentals of inviting, it’s time to learn How to Invite.

    Let’s start with a process for how to invite someone to a face-to-face exposure

    Inviting by Texting or Messaging

    Things have changed a lot in the last few years with the popularity of texting and instant messaging. It is literally like cheating! It will fill your calendar quickly because you have the ability to send out messages and you don’t get questions and objections – you just get appointments. And if they do ask questions, you have time to think before you answer.

    Choose a time and send out 50 text messages in the 72 hours. Start by just saying hello to your prospect, asking how they are, mentioning that you haven’t seen them in a long time (if you haven’t), etc. Tell them that you have some exciting things going on. Ask what their schedule looks like and set up a time to meet. Finish by telling them that you’ll see them soon. 

    If they say that they would like to get together as long as it’s not about your product or opportunity, you should still meet with them but don’t mention it at all. Just enjoy the time with them. You will have a chance to tell them about it later.

    Inviting by Phone

    Inviting by Phone can be intimidating, but I am going to give you some steps to follow that will make it easier. 

    Step 1: Be in a Hurry

    You want people to know you aren’t going to take up too much of their time. Tell them you’re in a hurry.

    Step 2: Compliment Them

    When you compliment someone, they become aligned with you. But be sure you are authentic in your compliments.

    Step 3: Make the Invitation

    There are 3 different approaches and they are based on your relationship with the person…

    1. Direct – “I have something for you.” This is for people you have a peer relationship with.
    2. Indirect –  This is when you ask for support, advice or analysis, “Would you check this out for me?”
    3. Super Indirect – This is for very influential or big ego people. You start with, “This is NOT for you, but do you know anyone who it might be for?” Anyone who is entrepreneurial will connect the dots themselves.

    Step 4: If I / Would You

    Now you ask a question… “If I sent you a video, would you watch it?” or “If I got you on a 3-way call, would you take it?” This is the most powerful kind of question in all of Network Marketing.

    When they say, “Yes,” you ask, “When?” 

    For instance, “When can you do it for sure?” 

    Let’s say their answer is, “Tuesday morning.” 

    Then you will ask them, “If I call you Tuesday evening, will you have seen it for sure?” Next, ask, “When is the best time for me to call?” and settle on a time. 

    And your invite is done!

    If you call them and they haven’t done what they said they would do, start with asking again when they can do the activity and follow the same pattern of questions.The keys to inviting are quantity and details. Now it’s time to make a decision, use all the information I have provided you with and start inviting!



    1. Wow this is wonderful but I always wonder if I am an entrepreneur because I have been one for more than ten years now and has remained a once in a year customer and don’t even know how to say hi to a stranger. I am stuck with laziness and this life of brain tumor frustrating me to my limits.

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