Best Way to Overcome Objections: Step 1

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    Recruiting is one of the most important skills Network Marketing Professionals must possess. When recruiting members for your team, people are going to have objections – a lot of them. But have no fear, because all these objections only fall into only one of two categories – limiting beliefs that the person has about themself or limiting beliefs that they have about Network Marketing

    I created a very easy-to-follow, step-by-step process to overcome both kinds of objections, and in my next few posts, I am going to share and explain each one.

    Step #1 – LISTEN

    And not just listen. Listen with the intention of trying to understand the person’s situation. 

    Let’s say the person’s objection is that they don’t have time. That could mean many things, so when this is all you know, you don’t have a full understanding of their situation. There could be many different reasons why they say they don’t have time. In fact, “I don’t have time,” is one of the most common objections.

    They might be saying they don’t have time because their spouse has told them never to get involved in Network Marketing again, or because they don’t believe they are an entrepreneur at heart or they just had a new baby.

    The way you can understand what they are actually saying is by asking questions. Questions are your best friend. They build rapport. They allow you to build a connection with the other person. 

    Think of questions you can ask to more fully understand why they say they don’t have the time, or whatever their objection is.

    Without being judgemental, do everything you can to understand where they are coming from. Then you will have the ability to educate them about your opportunity. Which is always our main objective when speaking with a prospect.  

    If you didn’t ask questions the first time, you can even go back to a prospect and ask them, “When you said you didn’t have time, what did you really mean?” etc.

    Focus on listening. We talk way more than we listen. Once you listen, ask questions and understand, you can begin to educate your prospect about what you have to offer.  

    Next time I’ll go over Step #2.


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