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    When inviting and/or recruiting to grow and build your Network Marketing Business, there are fundamentals you need to keep in mind in order to be successful…

    #1 Mindset

    Your mindset needs to be built around these ideas… you are a consultant, a farmer. You have the gift. Nobody is doing you a favor by taking a look at your product or opportunity. You are offering them something that could change THEIR life for the better. They are doing themselves a favor. You probably don’t even realize that you are projecting that they have the gift of providing their time and attention when it’s actually you that has the gift.

    #2 Be Yourself

    Be yourself and be your best self. Sometimes people turn on their “recruiting invitation” voice. Don’t show up and act and talk like someone else. Don’t use language or a tone of voice that you never use. If you don’t like yourself, how you sound or your words, model somebody else, and put your personality into it. This isn’t an excuse to be sloppy, just be authentic.

    #3 Passion

    Have energy, enthusiasm and urgency, especially if you are introverted. People can tell if you are just going through the motions or if you are passionate about something. When you get just a little excitement in your voice, the whole world stops. When you need to get into invitation mode, do jumping jacks or listen to your favorite music. Do something to get yourself pumped. Then, pause the music and dial, or even text. Believe it or not, that energy will make a difference, even in your texts.

    #4 Urgency

    Everything needs to be NOW. Not for you, for them, to learn about this opportunity, get excited about their future and turn their life around. Hunters have an urgency for themselves, but we are farmers, and we have an urgency to plant and cultivate. The faster you can get to your prospect, the sooner they’ll have an opportunity to grow.

    #5 Belief

    You have to believe in your product and opportunity. Read what you need to read, watch what you need to watch and attend what you need to attend. Do whatever it takes to build your belief. Become the number one fan of and ambassador for your product. Be ready to brag about what you are involved in at any moment. 

    You must also believe in yourself. Believe that you are a good person who is willing to face your fears enough to be persistent and help someone by giving them this opportunity. You might not have confidence in yourself based on experience and results, but you can have confidence in the person you hope to become

    Last but not least, you have to believe in your prospect. Believe in their abilities, potential and future. This belief will help them believe in themself!

    Those are the fundamentals of growing your Network Marketing business. Now put them into practice!


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