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    In our business, leadership skills can be the difference between failure and success. While training Network Marketers on leadership, there are certain questions that I am asked over and over. I’d like to share a few of those here, and their solutions as well.

    How do I prevent dependency? My team wants me to do all the work for them.

    Sometimes we unintentionally create an environment where everyone sits back and waits for us to do the work. The way to create independence in your organization is always trade – never give. Here’s what that means. Let’s say they need to attend a local training and they ask you to have a breakfast meeting with one of their prospects. Tell them that you will go to the breakfast meeting if they attend the local training. You trade what they need for what they want. Over time this process will teach them how to be efficient on their own

    How can I get members of my team to be brave and consistent? They are scared and inconsistent.

    First of all, ask them what is causing their fear. Then, come up with a way for them to be consistent for a short period of time. Give them an assignment. That way they don’t have to figure out what to do themselves. For instance, give them a 72-hour challenge where you have them text 10 people a day for the next 3 days to set up appointments. Then, go to the appointments with them and help them do a presentation. They will know you are there to help them, but they will also slowly gain confidence to set their own activities

    How do I identify influencers in my organization and train them? I am having a difficult time choosing people. 

    Look for people in your organization who are taking action, facing their fears, and are proactive, ambitious, and – even if they are rough around the edges – they have some charisma. Most importantly, they have to be hungry. Then make a list of those people and spend most of your time molding, guiding, shaping and directing them into their potential. Think of yourself as a talent scout. You are scouting and developing talent and unleashing it on the world. 

    How can I help someone stop feeling overwhelmed? They are overthinking, overplanning and have a lack of self confidence.  

    As a leader the best advice to give in this situation is to tell the person to pick one thing and only do that one thing. Then each day have them pick one more thing. The reason for this is what gets in motion, tends to stay in motion. This will get them out of ‘analysis paralysis’ and get them into movement. If we make a list that is too long and overwhelming, we don’t even start. A lot of problem solving for teams comes in assignments. It helps people to move forward.

    How do I share my opportunity when I don’t have support from my upline? The company does have a good support system but I don’t think I am very well liked so I don’t get support.

    A good way to deal with this is to act like you are front line to the company – the company sponsored you and you have no upline or support system. YOU are the support system. You are the best thing that ever happened to anyone who joins your team. You will become the support system for your team that you always wanted. You will believe in others like you wanted people to believe in you. Turn your back on the people who are not supporting you and turn towards those who want your support. Before you know it, the people that didn’t support you will be bragging about the fact that you are on their team.

    I hope these questions and answers help you with your leadership mindset. Take a look at any problem you face and try to come up with your own creative solution. That is what will take you to another level of leadership. 


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