Building a Foundation to Grow Your Business: Campaigns

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    Building a Foundation to Grow Your Business: Campaigns

    In Network Marketing, Leadership is the goal and is what you are ultimately trying to develop because it drives EVERYTHING. Because it takes time for a person to become a leader, there are several things that you can use to buy time for people to progress into leadership. 

    One way to do this is through Campaigns or Challenges for your team members. Campaigns buy you time to get your Systems in place – Systems that can be used by people who aren’t skilled yet for bringing in customers or distributors, etc. Systems buy you time for Skills, which create competence and confidence, to develop. And finally Skills will cause leaders to emerge in your organization.

    Challenges – or short-term bursts of activity – help create action in many people that normally wouldn’t be there. They will help you to find out who in your organization is wired for competition and who is not. Some people thrive on it and some run from it. You need to set a standard that is so high, so aggressive, so powerful and so amazing that some people are going to filter out because they’re not ready for it.

    For most, contests, incentives, promotions, short bursts, etc. work really well. The shorter the campaign/challenge the more people will stay engaged through to the end – 3 – 14 days is ideal.

    Here is a list of Campaigns and Challenges that you customize to your business. Don’t try to repeat campaigns too close together. Keep it fresh and be creative around the fundamentals. Not every campaign that worked before will work again. Sometimes a campaign is repeatable and successful and sometimes it’s not.

    1. Product Use Challenges

    2. Product Results Challenges

    3. Customer Challenges

    4. Gathering Customers Campaigns

    5. Recruiting Challenges

    6. Any Activity – Any activity that’s been proven to get results or will move people forward to take more action

    7. Tools Campaigns

    8. Calendar-Based Campaigns

    9. Rank Pushes

    10. Incentive Trips – Company or your own trips

    11. Convention Campaigns

    12. How to Present (or Be a Better Presenter) Campaigns

    13. Recruit 20 People in 30 Days Campaigns

    14. 90-Day Game Plan Challenge

    15. Recognition Campaigns

    16. Sampling Campaigns

    17. Social Media Campaigns

    18. Home Parties/Socials Campaigns

    19. Contribution Challenges

    20. International Recruit 1 Person Day 

    If you are not careful, you can get campaign fatigue if you do too many exotic campaigns. The best campaigns are built on either a fundamental skill or a fundamental system. Don’t be afraid of doing too many.

    To plan your Campaign schedule, look at your calendar and decide what Campaigns you want to use and when.Once you’ve started doing Campaigns, your Systems will start falling into place.



    1. It’s a campaign that every body struggling in Network Marketing like myself should join. Thank you very much Eric for always putting us in your schedule.

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