Reprogramming Your Mind

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    By Eric Worre

    People always ask me what they can do to become successful in Network Marketing. I’d like to share a concept that has worked really well for me over the course of my career.

    All of us have errors in our thinking, maybe when it comes to inviting, presenting, or even emotionally-based things like blame or procrastination that affect our life and business negatively.

    The way we have been programmed in life by family, friends or experiences creates our thinking and attitudewhich affects our activity… which then affects our results and lifestyle. If our life and business aren’t going in the direction we want them to, we have to change our programming in order to be successful.

    So how do we change our programming? Well when I really thought about what changed mine, it was my activity. I did the activity first for long enough that it actually changed my attitude and thinking about my activity, which eventually changed my programming.

    The moment we stop our activity – or don’t start at all – we start to feel emotions like guilt, fear, anxiety, frustration, etc. As soon as we start to feel these emotions, it means activity has dropped. The anecdote to all of those feelings is activity. The more activity, the more these emotions go away. 

    When we stay in activity long enough it creates a habit, and we are a product of our habits. When you create a habit, the activity that was once uncomfortable will be comfortable and the non-activity that was comfortable will become uncomfortable. 

    Now is the time to forgive yourself for your past mistakes, errors in judgment and/or bad habits and say, “I am going to learn from what happened to me up to this point in my life, and I am going to invest it in this activity plan to move forward to become the best I can be.” 

    This concept helped change my life. I became a different person. I hope it does the same for you. Remember, activity changes your programming


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    Eric Worre
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