Selling Vs. Consulting in Network Marketing

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    It can be difficult to figure out the right way to talk to prospects. Many newer Network Marketing professionals immediately want to give their prospects every fact and figure about their product, compensation plan, company, etc., but this is jumping the gun.

    In order to get someone to consider what you have to offer, you have to open their mind a bit. Over the years I heard about and used a lot of different techniques to achieve this, but the best way I found is to act like a consultant.

    If you act like a consultant instead of a salesperson, you’ll build more trust and have a better conversation. Consultants ask questions to try to figure out the prospect’s situation and talk to them about entrepreneurship instead of their product, compensation plan or company. You might ask them, “Have you ever gone into business for yourself?” Their answer will determine how you proceed.

    If they say, “No, I haven’t because I’ve never really had a desire to,” then they may be employee minded. This is important to figure out up front because you don’t want to push an employee-minded person to be an entrepreneur. Of course, you can always ask if they would be interested in becoming entrepreneurial minded, if you gave them a way to do it. They may still not be interested, and that’s fine.  

    They might answer your question with, “No, I haven’t because…” and list the reasons why they haven’t gone into business for themselves. Maybe they were too afraid, didn’t have the skills, or didn’t have enough money. Then you can offer them a solution.  Network Marketing has the friendliest environment for a person with an entrepreneurial mindset who has a dream but doesn’t have a vehicle. It can offer them a path with very low risk, flexible time, and all of the business aspects taken care of for them.

    They might answer, “Yes, I have tried, and it was a disaster because I didn’t have enough money or time, the product wasn’t good, I didn’t have the skill, etc.” Again, you can offer Network Marketing as the solution. 

    Or they might even say, “Yes, I am a current business owner and it’s a disaster,” and give you a list of challenges. You can point out that in Network Marketing someone else does the heavy lifting, the risk is low, and there are no employees or overhead. None of the challenges that come with a traditional small business are present in Network Marketing.

    So, stop selling and start consulting. Have a conversation about entrepreneurship with your prospects. No matter where it goes, you will have a solution for them, and eventually, an easier path to talk to them about your product, company and compensation plan.


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