5 Steps to Sharing Your Epic Story

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    Ever wondered what separates the top earners — who build the strongest teams and build the biggest empires — from other Network Marketing Professionals? It’s their Presenting skills and having mastered the art of selling their products or opportunity with their own personal story.

    In Network Marketing, it’s important to remember that it’s not just about the “what” that you’re selling. Whether it’s the product or the opportunity, it’s not only about that. It’s also about YOU. 

    People aren’t interested because of how much you know, but they ARE interested in your experience. 

    Here’s why and how to use it.

    Why Your Story?

    It’s Real: When you share your own experiences and journey, people connect. They see there’s a real person talking with them.

    It Interrupts The “Pattern”: There’s a lot of noise in Network Marketing. By sharing your history in the business, you break through the clutter and people listen more.

    It Gets Them In Their Feelings: People remember how you make them feel. A good story can make them feel inspired, hopeful, and ready to join you.

    How to Share Your Story Well…

    1. Be Real: Don’t exaggerate. Just be you. People can spot a fake story from miles away.
    1. Keep It Simple: Make sure you have a start, middle, and end. Think: Why did you start? What challenges did you face? How are things now?
    1. Connect: Shape it so it speaks to what your listeners might be feeling or wanting. Make it about them as much as it’s about you.
    1. Show, Don’t Just Tell: If you have photos or little things from your journey, show them. It makes your story come alive.
    1. Most Importantly, Practice!: You know your story. But sharing it well and effectively takes practice. Keep trying and tweaking it as you go until you get so good at it that it just comes pouring out. 

    To wrap this up, I want you to remember one very important thing:

    In Network Marketing, yes, your product and your opportunity are important and it IS good to know everything you can about them. But, always keep in mind that it’s your personal journey – that’s what will truly win people over. 

    People might forget all the product details, but they’ll definitely remember your story.

    Now, my question to you is…
    How often are you refining your story so that you can tell it to others and help them see their own potential?


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