Different Types of Exposures

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    Different Types of Exposures

    In Network Marketing, when you Invite or recruit prospects, what exactly do you invite them to? You invite them to exposures to your product or opportunity. 

    Here are the best types of exposures in order from the most effective to the least effective:

    Large Company Events – Events are magical.  Here your prospects’ imagination will be captured. They will see energy, credibility, social proof and build relationships with other people that are attending. The drawback is that this is the hardest type of exposure to get people to attend.

    Small Group / Home Meetings – Luncheons are my favorite. Home meetings are great too. You still get energy, social proof, and your prospects meet other people in the business. This type of exposure is also difficult to get people to come to, but if you can get them there, it works.

    Face-to-Face /  2-on-1 – This means a meeting between you, your upline or a friend in the business, and your prospect. You still get a little bit of social proof because you have somebody else with you. However, some prospects might be intimidated because they don’t know the other person, and you may have some issues with the other person being available.

    Face-to-Face /  1-on-1 –  It’s a lot easier to get people to show up for these type meetings. This is less threatening because it’s just the two of you. You have less support because you don’t have a 3rd party to lean on, but it’s still highly effective.

    Face-to-Face /  1-on-1 with technology – This is still a face-to-face meeting but on Facetime, Skype, Zoom, etc. You can do it from home. It is not as effective as a face- to-face in-person meeting, but if you have no choice, it’s better than not doing anything.

    3rd Party Tool – Have them watch a video, listen to an audio, read printed material or sample the product.

    You can start at the bottom of this list with a tool, then do 1-on-1 meeting and then end up taking them to an event. Or, you could start at the top and work your way down and then maybe even back up again. There are no fixed rules.

    I think the sweet spot is Face-to-Face / 1-on-1 as a good mix of the ease in setting it up and getting results. I usually start with a Large Company Event like a company convention, and if I get resistance, I switch to a 3rd Party Tool, and then come back to the event. Also, make sure you consider what works best in your particular culture.

    Be a student of what really works!



    1. Thank you.
      When, after the exposure to my business opportunity, the prospect does not pick the phone anymore or he even accept to start but does not make his purchase by the delay he gave how do I do to move forward with him?

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