Unlock the Door: Invitation is the Key

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    Unlock the Door: Invitation is the Key

    Inviting is the most important skill in Network Marketing. If you don’t master this skill, you might as well not even try Network Marketing, because all you will ever be, is a customer. That is why Inviting is considered a Gateway Skill

    According to Big Data, out of every 100 people who join a Network Marketing company, 70 of them will decide to just be customers, simply because they don’t want to invite prospects. To master Inviting, you have to face your fears and become skilled and confident at it.

    The whole idea behind Inviting is to set up appointments and get people to take a look at what you have to offer. If you can get people to take a look, you are going to get results. To do this, you have to be busy and actively inviting people. You don’t have to be highly skilled when you start. Just start and work on getting better as you go. But you have to be willing to start and maybe even be embarrassed.

    The invitation is the source of most of our image problems in the Network Marketing Profession. Too many of us make pushy, needy invitations at inappropriate times, or even dishonest invitations. These invitations aren’t effective and make people feel like they are being hunted. We should be more like farmers than hunters. What we should actually do is…

    • Plant seeds
    • Build trust
    • Build relationships
    • Educate

    Our job is to educate consumers. Our goal is education and understanding. Then, either the product or opportunity will be a fit, or it won’t. 

    We need to be more like consultants by…

    • Asking questions
    • Evaluating the client
    • Making recommendations to the client

    … instead of just going in cold and immediately trying to sell our product or opportunity.

    In Network Marketing, whoever talks to the most people wins, so it’s time to start talking and inviting. If you follow what I am going to share with you, you will get results.



    1. Hello Sir, I have a challenge when it comes to prospecting and inviting. I truly need to master this skills to get my business off the ground. Any advice kindly will be highly appreciated.
      Thank you for being a great mentor and may God bless you as you keep inspiring and mentoring the network marketing community.

    2. hello Sir, I have issue with prospecting and inviting. what can I do to be a better in that aspect. Thanks in advance.

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