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    There are various kinds of presentations you need to have ready to be successful in Network Marketing. Presentations build your confidence by getting you out of your head and your shell and into productivity. 

    The Getting Started Presentation is important because it’s the duplication presentation. It will be what makes you go from having a Network Marketing job to having a Network Marketing Business

    Most people skip this or treat it casually, but the fastest growing organizations in the world have a rigid getting-started process. What we are trying to accomplish with the Getting Started Presentation is to get your prospect “over the line”, in other words, get them to where it is easier for them to stay, rather than to quit.

    Things that might make it easier for them to stay include making money or friends, attending an event or developing some new skills. 

    There are 2 parts to the Getting Started Presentation. Part 1 is onboarding the person and Part 2 is launching their business. You need to create a working outline for this process that you can duplicate. 


              1. Congratulate them – Tell them they made the right choice and why. This will validate their decision.

    2. The Crucial Conversation – Tell them your goal is to get them where they become independent from you. Then ask them how long they would like that to take. 

    3. The Journey from Dependence to Independence – Next, explain how you are going to make them independent from you so they can build their own business. During this step you will use a process called…

    Tell – Show – Try – Do 

    Through assignments, you will tell them how to do things, then you will show them, then they will try themselves and then finally, they will do these things themselves. This could be anything from getting new customers to promoting events. 

    You also need to be sure that your prospect is willing, coachable and hungry.

    4. Four Things We Do – Explain the 4 things we do in Network Marketing. 

    • We sell products through word of mouth advertising.
    • We recruit and build teams of other people doing the same thing.
    • We duplicate the process.
    • We lead our team to improved productivity.

    5. Setting Expectations – Use the 1-3-5-7 format to do this. Tell them it will take them 1 year for them to become independent and profitable, 3 years to replace whatever income they are earning now, 5 years for them to become a significant 6-figure earner, and 7 years for them to become world class. It is important to explain that this is a learning experience and these are just average amounts of time. Remind them that there will be ups and downs. Success takes time.

    6. Building Unshakeable Belief – To do this, they need to use the products or services, learn about the company, study the compensation plan, get to know the team and how the system works. You can also recommend books and training that will build their belief in Network Marketing. Everything they do during this process will help them to build unshakeable belief in themselves.

    7. Sign Them Up in the Best Possible Way – Your prospect needs to assume success. You should suggest that they make the highest possible initial investment. This will give them the best story, make them the most money and give them the best possible chance of success. This will also build their ongoing commitment. 

    The Launch 

    Now you can tell your prospect what they need to launch their business.

    1. The Importance of Stories – They need to know the Importance of Stories and how to develop them. They should work on creating the following stories through their experiences.
    • Why Network Marketing story – Why Network Marketing was the right choice for them
    • Product/Service story – Their experience with the product or service
    • Getting Started story – Their getting started story (which is why investing in the largest getting started package is important)
    • First 90 Days story – Their experiences (both good and bad) during the first 90 days of their business
    1. Quick Success Plan – Because success loves speed, you want to make sure that your new team member gets success immediately.  For this to happen, they need to understand the following … 

    When approaching their friends and family about the opportunity, they need to understand that this group will give them more resistance than anyone else, so they need to disqualify them immediately and ask only for their Respect, Support and to let you Practice with them. They should also ask if they would be willing to be their customer just ONE time. 

    Next, they need to make a list of their easiest potential customers, including people that support them no matter what, or that they have helped out in the past, or even that owe them money. Then, they’ll make a list of potential distributors, again focusing on easy. Who is dissatisfied with their life? Who is entrepreneurial? Who has the money to spend?

    1. Tell Their Story – The next part of the Quick Success Plan is having their story (LINK TO STORY ARTICLE) ready. 
    1. Core Rank Roadmap – Explain what core rank is and why it’s important. Then create a roadmap for how to get there and set a goal. 
    1. Time Management Tips – Have them commit to how many hours a week they will spend on building their Network Marketing Business. Explain how much they can get done in 15-minute blocks. 
    1. Friendly Warning – Warn them that since they are making a big change in their life, they will be tested and they will be tempted to give up. However, if they can weather that storm, they will come out successful on the other side. 
    1. Assignment #1 – Last but not least, give them their first assignment!

    The Getting Started Presentation will change the game for you so document it and practice it!



    1. I got massive value, as always, from Eric. I will never get stranded, as my hopes are lubricated anytime I hear or read from you and see you. Thanks be to God for you and for this presentation.

    2. Thanks Eric Worre. My story will not be complete without your name attached. Sharing is life itself. Love you always.

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