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    All business is conversation, so a very important thing you need to do to become successful in Network Marketing is have more conversations. That’s the purpose of Presentations. You need to become comfortable doing your presentation in any environment so that it doesn’t sound pushy, salesy, obnoxious or inappropriate. You don’t want it to push people away. So I’m going to help you to create a Perfect Opportunity Presentation step-by-step.

    Part 1 – Introduction

    Start with something that will capture their imagination. It should only be 15-20 seconds long. All you want them to think is, this might be worth my time. You could begin with something like, “Today, I’m going to share something with you that will…”

    Part 2 – Your Story

    Now continue with, “But before I get to that…” and tell them Your Story. Remember, Your Story should include…

    1. Your background
    2. What you didn’t like about your background 
    3. The solution you found
    4. How you feel about the future  

    Part 3 – The 5 Key Elements

    This is a game changer. Begin with saying that you understand that people must do their homework and get their questions answered. Explain that there are 5 elements that anyone needs to examine in order to say yes to any business. Tell them that they don’t have to have ALL 5, but that when they do, they should take it very seriously. (You are going to give them all 5.) Remember not to give long explanations for each section. Keep it short.

    These elements are…

    1. The Product/Service

    Explain that there are 4 questions that should be answered when it comes to looking at any product or service and what they are. 

    – Is there a recognized need for this product in the marketplace?
    – Does the product meet that need?
    – Is it priced to sell taking all factors into account?
    – Is it priced for profit?

    Then let them know how this particular product or service answers these questions with 3-5 credible data points to back each one up. This part of your presentation should make them come up with a mental candidate list of customers and distributors.

    1. The Company

    Now give them an overview of the company. This is where you can highlight your company’s features and benefits. Give them no less than 3 and no more than 5 brag points… awards, accolades, size, philanthropy, management, etc. Encourage them to do their own homework as well.

    1. The Compensation Plan

    This isn’t about breaking down the entire compensation plan. Just give a simple overview by answering the following questions for people, explaining that the compensation plan met this criteria for you, again urging them to check it out for themselves as well.

    – Can people generate income quickly?
    – With reasonable effort, can you develop a reasonable part time income?
    – For serious people, is there a possibility to make a full-time income?

    1. The Support

    Next, it’s time to brag again. Tell them about the various ways your company supports its clients and distributors. Give them no less than 5 and no more than 7 points. They need to know that there is a support structure in place to assist them while they build their business. Explain what the company offers and remind them that most people who start a new business don’t have that.

    1. The Timing 

    Now it’s time to talk about timing. In real estate, it’s location, location, location. In Network Marketing it’s timing, timing, timing. No matter where your company is in timing, there is a positive story to tell. If it’s a brand new company, they are getting in at the beginning. If it is a middle-stage company, the risk has passed, but there is still a lot of opportunity. When talking about legacy companies, they have stood the test of time.

    Part 4 –  Quick Recap

    Now give them a quick recap. Go over what you covered in 10-15 seconds. 

    Part 5 – Call to Action / Next Steps

    The final step is a call to action. Simply give them an easy next step… for instance, try the products or get their questions answered. 

    Now fill in the blanks with your product or opportunity and get this out of your head and onto paper or a Powerpoint presentation so you can start practicing!



    1. This is exactly what I was struggling with … a structure how to present in a timely matter and what facts to include to not make this endles!
      Thank you so much!!

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