The Power of Imagination in Network Marketing

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    Believe it or not, your mind is one of the most important tools for success in the Network Marketing Profession. I’m sure you’ve heard this concept before, the idea that your imagination is very powerful, and what you visualize can become reality. You’ve probably seen television programs about it or heard of the book As A Man Thinketh by James Allen. There is even a bible passage about this idea.

    So how does this apply to your Network Marketing Business? In order to create the success you desire, you have to see it in your mind first. It’s easy to imagine all the things that could go wrong, but it’s important to think positively. Let go of all the fears and doubts and use your imagination for the positive.

    Imagine that you are already successful in Network Marketing. Think about being one of those very high-earning people who provides value to tens of thousands, or maybe even hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Think about what that would look like. Imagine that you could snap your fingers and be earning a million dollars a year in Network Marketing. 

    Imagine with as much clarity as you can, how you would walk into a room and how you would talk to people. Think about having all the skills you need to be successful and solve problems. Think about how you would grow your organization. Think about the level of confidence and calm and peace that you would have.

    As far as we know, we only get one chance at this thing called life, so we might as well make the most of it. If money wasn’t an object, what would you want to do with your family? Imagine yourself doing those things. Imagine being able to give to the causes and the people that are most important to you. Imagine being able to see the world. Imagine the ability to share your knowledge and skills with other human beings and have a positive influence on their lives. 

    I want you to imagine all this and then I want you to write it down. Build your dream life. Allow yourself to imagine without limits. Once it’s written down, put it in a place where you can look at it on a regular basis. Get it clear in your mind that you are living that life and experiencing those experiences and I promise you, it will all be headed towards you like a freight train. You will attract the future that you deserve and become unstoppable. Because positive thoughts lead to positive results.


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    Eric Worre
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