The Relationship Blueprint

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    By Eric Worre

    Would you like to have more harmonious relationships with the people in your life and in your business? It’s easy to get cynical about relationships, but letting go of relationships that aren’t ideal is the easy way out. There’s a better way. 

    A 75-year-long Harvard University study found that the biggest contributor to happiness and longevity is the number of strong, significant relationships a person has. If you nurture your relationships instead of pulling away, it will lead to a longer, more fulfilling life.

    In Network Marketing, relationships are the cornerstone of everything we do. It starts in the home – respecting yourself and your family – and then it moves into your organization. So the following skills are not just about your significant other, family or friends, but also the key leaders in your organization, crossline leaders and owners of your company.

    When Marina and I came together, we made a commitment to establish strong relationship habits from day one. If there was any weakness, we talked it out until we had a blueprint. So I want to give you a blueprint from our experience that you can use for harmony in all the relationships in your life and your business. 


    People have to believe they can trust you. They have to believe that your heart is good and that you are not hiding things from them. Part of this comes from you being secure enough to take negative feedback.


    Our egos can sometimes get a little out of control – for instance, not wanting people to question us. If you respect the people you are in a relationship with, you will receive respect from them. If you do things out of ego, it will damage your relationships.  


    Over communicate and always tell the truth. Explain to people that when they do this, it really makes you happy, or, when they do this, it really hurts your feelings. Just let them know. Don’t assume anything. People crave authenticity and will be able to relate to you.


    Have grace for other people, for their upbringing, challenges, circumstances and adversities. This takes a level of maturity. Don’t judge people. You haven’t walked in their shoes. Listen to what they have to say. 


    Everyone comes from a different set of circumstances. Everyone isn’t just like you. Other people have different love languages and value sets. Accept and love people for who they are. Don’t try to change people into who YOU want them to be. 

    Common Activities

    Some relationships aren’t as happy because the people in them don’t have common activities so they essentially just live separate lives. If you can, find some common things that you can generally enjoy together. Proximity will strengthen relationships. 

    Follow this blueprint to develop meaningful, successful relationships in your life and your business.

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