Time Management Part 2

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    Time Management 

    Part 2: Crushing Procrastination & Staying on Track

    In Network Marketing, procrastination is an enemy of time management.

    Many of us may think of ourselves as procrastinators, but the issue could actually be that we have a primary activity and Network Marketing is our secondary activity so it gets pushed to the side. This makes us feel like we’re procrastinating, but it can be resolved by improving our time management skills or making Network Marketing our primary activity.

    If you feel like you’re stuck and have been procrastinating, don’t create a long to-do list, pick one thing, just one thing, to do each day. This will help you break out of procrastination. It doesn’t have to be something hard. Pick something easy. You just need something to get yourself in motion. And you know what they say, what starts in motion tends to stay in motion

    My friend Brian Tracy wrote a book called, Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time. He suggests the opposite… choose the hardest thing so that once that is done, everything else is easier. If you are wired that way, try this instead.

    My dad always taught me, when you’re faced with something, do it now. Get it over with. If you get that first little flicker and think, maybe I should do this… do it! This is another way to beat procrastination.

    Once you’ve got your procrastination under control, how do you stay on track? With daily goals, the things that you are going to do every day for sure. Another way is to build an accountability structure. In other words, people who can help hold you accountable. These can include family members, friends, uplines or fellow team members. Limit these people to those who are positive influences, not negative influences. These can even be people you have never met before. I listened to Jim Rohn cassette tapes in my car until he reprogrammed my mind. You can also set up some consequences and rewards for yourself to keep you on track or help you get back on track if needed. 

    To summarize:

    • Set your sacred Network Marketing hours.
    • Mark your work hours on your calendar.
    • Fill those hours with productive business-building activities. 
    • Come up with a series of rewards and consequences to hold yourself accountable.

    Use these to create an environment that will push you in the direction of your dreams!


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    1. Thank you Eric for your loving support and Encouragement. May Jehovah God Almighty Bless you abundantly for all you do for us.
      We Love you dearly.

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