Unstoppable Confidence Part 3

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    Part 3: How Mentors and Influencers Can Help Boost Your Confidence

    You can’t achieve success in Network Marketing if you aren’t confident, but sometimes other people’s confidence in us can boost our confidence. 

    Growing up, I was an outsider. I wasn’t popular, I was kind of invisible at school and just an average athlete. What people didn’t know about me was that there was an ambition inside me that never expressed itself in formal education. 

    My first mentors were my parents. They believed in me, but the first person outside of my family to believe in me was a friend of my dad’s friend John, and I didn’t take it for granted. I was constantly trying to pull advice out of him. 

    John took me to my first Network Marketing presentation. When it was over, I started to walk out and I overheard him tell a group of people behind me, “See that kid right there? He’s going to do better than all of us combined.”

    His belief in me was such a gift. It gave me the push I needed to get started.  

    Another way to gain confidence is from other people’s confidence. In other words, mentorship

    The path from a seed of ambition to reality is a long journey in life, but there is no faster path to success than a mentor. It’s literally a time machine. Finding someone who has knowledge that you don’t have yet – and who will pass that knowledge onto you – will shorten your learning curve, and time is more valuable than anything, even money.

    I have had so many mentors over the course of my life. It took me two years to convince him to mentor me, but Sam Georges, Tony Robbins’ former CEO, is one of my current mentors. I pay him a small fortune just to be available to talk.

    When I did not have money to pay mentors, I read their books and listened to their audio tapes. I have never even met some of my biggest mentors and they don’t even know that they are my mentors, but the impact they’ve had in my life is immeasurable. 

    I also gained mentors by doing anything to be around them. When I had no money, I drove my junky car 12 hours to Detroit, Michigan to sleep in it and sit around in a hotel lobby, just to hang around Jeff Roberti, a Network Marketing icon, because I knew I would learn from him. I did many things like this to spend time with successful people that I respected. Now it’s your turn. Go out there and find your influencers and mentors for a shortcut to success!



    1. Wooow this is wonderful
      Thank you very much Eric you saved my life in network marketing your book go pro changed my perspective about life and this business… I owe you so much great mentor.

      How can I serve you sir in any way

      I will be gladly glad to help in anyway Boss

    2. Your mentoring is practically correct,
      I am having same experience right now.
      I just have one young man that eventually believed in me, since then I am fired to do more.
      Very grateful Sir Erric
      Richard Nigeria.

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