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    Part 1: Roadblocks to Unstoppable Confidence & How to Overcome Them

    When I became unstoppably confident, everything in my business and my life changed. I took more action and got better results, which made me even more positive and confident. Once you have unstoppable confidence, you’ll be amazed at how quickly everything changes.

    There are 3 pillars of Network Marketing, Skills, Strategy and Mindset. Emotional mastery is part of your Mindset. You may not have had to deal with your emotions and confidence in traditional jobs that you’ve had, but Network Marketing exposes your emotions in a real and raw way and that forces you to confront some of your old programming.

    Becoming unstoppably confident in Network Marketing is a long-term process, but it will be worth it!

    Some of the things you might have confidence issues with include:

    • Talking to people about your product or opportunity
    • Inviting people and getting appointments scheduled
    • Following through 
    • Objections
    • Getting people to attend events
    • Duplication
    • Speaking in front of others
    • Interpersonal relationships
    • Managing your finances
    • Being your own boss and employing yourself

    Once you know what your confidence issues are, you can work on becoming unstoppably confident. The bridge between a lack of confidence and confidence is facing your fear and doing it anyway.

    You can start to become unstoppably confident by utilizing 3 fundamental belief sets:

    1. Being willing to fail publicly and handle it. 

    Just roll with it. Tell people that you aren’t perfect. Admit when you mess up. Be authentic. Be a collector of those stories and share them with others. It will help them relate to you.

    1. Give proper meaning and weight to any feedback.

    Consider the source. Who is it coming from? Are they a positive or negative influence? Be careful about the weight you give others’ opinions. Some aspects of feedback are really valuable. You need to be able to look for the part that is true.

    1. Use the secret weapon for building confidence; Plan, Do, Review.

    This is exactly how I became successful. I made a plan, I carried it out, and then I reviewed how it went. I figured out what worked and what didn’t. Then I came up with a better plan and did it all over again.

    Put these 3 belief sets into practice and start the process of becoming unstoppably confident!



    1. Awesome! I have always believed in Eric Woore and his team. Have been a fan several years now. The insights are practical, very valuable and get you the right results! If only you’re ready to take the right actions at the right times.

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