Best Way to Overcome Objections: Step 2

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    To become successful in Network Marketing, you’ve got to recruit prospects, and when you do, they are always going to have objections. In my last post, I covered the first step in the process of overcoming any and all objections you may come across, which was – Listen! Now we move on to…

    STEP #2 – RELATE

    In other words, show them that you are the same. Show them that you too had the same thoughts, reservations, fears and questions before you joined the business. Then, whatever their objection is, repeat it back to them…

    • I didn’t think I was an entrepreneur either.
    • I didn’t feel like I had the money either.
    • I didn’t trust Network Marketing either.

    Now, it’s important to understand that you won’t always be able to totally relate to your prospect. For instance, if you’re a man and a woman’s objection is that she is pregnant, obviously you won’t be able to directly relate to that situation. So if you can’t relate to them yourself, try to relate based on another person’s situation

    For instance, for the pregnant example, relay a story about a team member, friend, etc. that started or grew their business while they were pregnant. Explain that they had the same thoughts and concerns but that they were able to make it work. 

    Again, the foundation of this is – you and I are the same – you’re really smart because you had the same objections that I did. 

    This is where the objection or obstacle becomes an opportunity to build a connection. Have you ever gone on vacation and met someone from your city or state? You know, you both get all excited and you have instant rapport with that person because you share something in common. As humans we love that connection. 

    So when you relate to your prospect, you both win. 

    Now get out there and start relating to everyone you speak to. Next up, Step 3!


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