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    In Network Marketing, the best-trained team wins! That’s why your Skills Training presentations are so important. 

    The first thing you have to do to create these presentations is make a list of the fundamental skills that people in your organization need to be trained on

    These skills can include…

    • Finding Prospects
    • Inviting Prospects
    • Presenting Your Product
    • Following Up
    • Closing
    • Getting People Started
    • Promoting Events
    • Leadership
    • Social Media
    • Problem Solving

    Then you need to figure out a process to train all of your team members in each of these skills.

    Since I am talking about presentations, I will use presenting as an example to show you the process of creating a Skills Training presentation.

    First, for each skill make a list of why each skill is important. Presenting is important because it creates…

    • Confidence
    • Action
    • Duplication
    • Momentum
    • Passion
    • Independance
    • Growth

    Next, for each skill, make a list of what the payoff is for both you and your team if you teach and they learn this skill. If people know there is a big payoff, they’ll do anything. Capture their imagination! 

    Then, write down the process for developing a skill. Remind your team members that this all starts with them – they have to do the work.Then take inventory of your entire team to find people who want to become a great presenter and focus on training them.

    Do this for each of the skills your team members need to be trained on and you will be on your way to creating a well-trained team!



    1. buenas noches hace un tiempo atrás, me parece que compre el libro go pro 7 y aun no lo recibo, me podrían ayudar verificando datos y si se realizo el pedido.
      muchas gracias.
      att: Yeferzon Gonzalez

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