The Importance of Building Strong Relationships

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    What’s the number one secret that separates the Million Dollar earners and leaders from the rest of Network Marketers out there? Relationships.

    I bet you’re thinking, what do you mean by that, Eric? What I mean is quite simple: building and maintaining relationships is more important than anything else in your Network Marketing Business.

    Relationships are more important than the:

    – Business Opportunity

    – Company’s Compensation Plan

    – Product

    – Selling or Recruiting skills

    Sounds crazy, right? But here’s why. People care more about YOU caring about them, than the great opportunity that you have. If they know that your interest in them is genuine, then they will trust you and be more open to trying out what you are selling.

    First, let’s focus on Prospects. You need to learn about your Prospects. You can start doing this by asking a lot of questions and asking about a variety of topics, too. What don’t they like about their background? What are they hoping to change? What are their hobbies? Do their kids play sports? What does their dream house look like? What type of car do they envision themselves in? 

    You want to become a real friend, and in doing so, you will build trust and rapport. 

    Engage in the mindset that relationships are the most important, and apply it even after they become a part of your team and are no longer a Prospect. Make it so that building relationships becomes an integral part of your team’s culture. It WILL lead to a positive and productive team! If your team sees you putting this into practice, then they will follow. Lead by example.

    Million Dollar earners not only build relationships with Prospects and team members but also with anyone they meet. They connect by asking questions and being genuinely interested in people everywhere. In doing so, they collect friends just about anywhere – from the CEO to the minimum-wage earner. They are all important. 

    There is value in building a relationship with anyone you cross paths with because good things are automatically attracted to a person who cares more about people than anything else. My mentor, Jim Rohn, called it: Enlightened self-interest. If you help them win, then you win, too. It can’t just be self-interest. This relationship-building mindset will attract positive outcomes.

    So, I’ll say it again, focus on relationships and build upon trust, belief, and being a good friend who is truly interested and listens – and good things will happen in your life and in your business. 

    Here’s what you should keep in mind next time you start Recruiting:

    1. Ask lots of background questions! Be genuinely curious about this Prospect’s life to build trust and rapport.

    2. Interact and engage with everyone, whether they are a CEO or entry-level worker. This way it becomes ingrained in your lifestyle and something good will surely come around.

    3. Continue building relationships with Prospects even long after they’re Recruited to instill it into your team culture, leading by example for more positivity and productivity.

    Click Here to watch my video where I explain this concept.

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