Best Way to Overcome Objections: Step 3

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    All Network Marketing Professionals, even the most successful ones, face objections. But instead of running away or fighting with people, the very best know how to turn obstacles into opportunities. In my last two articles I covered the first two steps of Overcoming ObstaclesListen and Relate. The next step is…

    STEP #3 – STORY

    I’ve also heard this called, Build Your Rut, kind of like building a ditch, and then letting the other person relate to it, versus telling them that they need to change. 

    After you have really listened to the person and truly understand what they are saying, you relate to them, meaning you explain that you went through the same process, that you are the same. Then, you tell your story

    For instance, you could start with, “Let me tell you what happened to me when I really took a look at this,“ or something along those lines. Let’s say their objection is that they don’t have the time. You could then go on to explain that you felt the same way but you realized if something didn’t change, you would never have the time – not only for the opportunity, but for other important things in your life. So you decided to get creative and carve out some time so that down the line, you could have more freedom, choices and income. 

    You could even explain how you did it, for example, by spending less time binge watching television or scrolling on social media.

    If their objection is that they don’t have the money, you could explain that you had the same objection but you realized that if you couldn’t invest a small amount in starting your own business, that you’ve been doing the wrong thing all along – getting paid too little and building someone else’s dream. That’s when you took a big step to create additional income.

    And just like in the Relate step, if you don’t have a story about your personal experience, share a team member or friend’s story.

    Remember, your story will depend on their objection. The key here is you aren’t telling the prospect what to do or how to feel, you’re telling them what YOU did and how YOU felt, which is much more respectful, compassionate and effective. 

    By the time you get to this step, you’re friends with the prospect. You’re past the sale, the pitch, the close, and you’re just having a conversation, and your prospect’s imagination is starting to wake up to the possibilities.

    In the next article I’ll cover the final step of Overcoming Objections.


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