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    Want to win more customers and get more people to check out your Network Marketing business opportunity? Easy. Get in front of more people and give more presentations.

    But how do you do that when everyone – or what feels like everyone – tells you “no” when you invite them to sit through a presentation to check out what you have to offer?

    Below, I’ve broken down a simple guide to help you learn how to get more people to say YES to learning more about what you sell and about what you do with what I like to call the “Practice Approach”. Let’s get started.

    Be Real 

    Instead of pushing your product or opportunity on someone right away, ask them to give the product a try (make sure it’s the actual product or service – don’t try to sell the opportunity just yet) and ask them to share their real experience with you. Let them know that their honest feedback is gold to you. The idea here is to make sure they don’t feel pressured.

    Here’s a little script you can use the next time you’re presenting your product to a potential customer (make sure to save it for later):

    Listen, Jane, I could really use your help. Do you think you can help me out by just trying out the product and giving me your story about your experience? Let me know how it works for you over the next 30 days and if it doesn’t work out, great – I’m not going to expect you to buy it again. And if it does work out for you and you do like it, maybe you could replace something else that you had in your life.

    Could you help me with that? That would mean the world to me. If I could use your story, your testimonial, of how you used it, it would be fantastic as I start my business. I’d really appreciate it.

    Now, I know with some companies, if your Prospect doesn’t like the product, they can get their money back as part of that company’s return policy. If your company offers a money-back or satisfaction guarantee, make sure to mention that to your Prospect.

    Keep It Simple

    Make it easy for someone to become your customer. Don’t make them go through 15 screens of signing up. Make it easy, make it simple. Figure out a way for them to get the product and then, in a light way, encourage them to actually use it.

    If You’re Selling High-Ticket…

    Now, let’s talk about high-ticket for a second. If you have a high-ticket product, let me tell you how I would do it. I would go to my Prospect and say something like this:

    Hey John, I really want to thank you for your support and for showing up for me as a friend – this means the world to me. Now listen, John, I got involved in this thing. I’m super passionate about it. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to recruit you. This is my business, not yours.

    Anyway, we sell a product that does XYZ, and it’s not cheap, but the benefits are enormous. Can I come over and practice my presentation on you? I just need a friendly face. I’m nervous. I’m just getting started. Can I practice my spiel? Is that alright? All I’m going to do is go through a little script and I’m going to be shaking and nervous but I really need to build my confidence and my skills. Will you help me? I’d really appreciate it.” 

    Ask For The Practice, Not The Sale

    The main idea here, whether you’re selling low-ticket or high-ticket, is to ask your Prospect for their HELP. When you position things this way, it transforms the dynamic from a sales pitch to a genuine request for feedback. This not only lowers their defenses but also fosters trust and authenticity, opening doors for a more honest conversation about the product’s value and relevance in their lives.

    Think about it. If somebody in your family or friends said, “Hey, you’re someone whose opinion I trust, can I practice on you and get your feedback?” You’re going to smile and say, “Alright, fine.” Of course, if they come and try to recruit you, you’re going to think, “Are you kidding me?” 

    But if they ask if they can practice on you, you’re most likely going to say, “Alright, bring me your pitch” and you’ll help coach them on their pitch, and if you love what you see, if you’re a candidate for it, you’ll at least think about becoming their customer… wouldn’t you? 

    The Power Of The “Practice Approach”

    The bottom line is, if you do a practice approach – instead of approaching the conversation ready to pitch your product or to try to Recruit your Prospect – you’re likely to get your people to agree to let you practice on them because you’ve already told them they’re not a Recruit candidate (even if you know they are).

    At the end of the day, it’s about understanding human nature. People are more willing to listen when they don’t feel pressured to buy or join. So, the next time you’re about to approach someone, remember, it’s not about hard selling or getting them to join your business right away, but about opening the door for a genuine conversation. Through this approach, you’ll likely find that more doors remain open and more genuine interests are discovered.


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